La La Land to Get a “Clue” in February

The mystery has finally been solved: it was La La Land Records, on the Internet, with a batch of CDs. other words, it's been confirmed that one of the label's most hotly-anticipated releases is happening soon: the world-premiere release of John Morris' score to Clue (1985). Clue, of course, comes from a simpler time when movies based on board games and television shows weren't the only ideas circulating throughout Hollywood. In fact, as high-concept films go, it was initially a

Review: “The Very Best of The Rat Pack”

What do we know about The Rat Pack, that famed group of celebrity rogues and rapscallions that defined American cool in the early '60s? You might not know that only a third of the classic members of the group were initially included; The Rat Pack was initially made up of actor friends of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, including Frank Sinatra but not Dean Martin or Sammy Davis, Jr. But after Bogart's death and the subsequent release of Ocean's 11 in 1960, the classic image of The Rat Pack -

How Killer Are the Queen Reissue Track Lists?

I see a little silhouetto of the track lists of the forthcoming U.K. Queen remasters, as released on the band's official site today. There was a track list posted on the Steve Hoffman forums that was taken from a Japanese Web site and perhaps too heavily devoted to the remixes from The eYe (that odd 1998 computer game with five discs' worth of remixes and instrumental tracks built into the CD-ROMs and suitable for ripping to one's iPod). Those track lists were mostly wrong, thankfully. So what

Aretha Opens “The Great American Songbook”

Can’t wait for that massive 11-CD/1-DVD box set, Take a Look: Aretha Franklin Complete on Columbia?  Or maybe you’re just looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Either way, Legacy may have the disc for you. Next Tuesday, February 1, will see the under-the-radar release of Aretha Franklin‘s The Great American Songbook from Columbia/Legacy, compiling 18 of the tracks from that massive box set on one CD. Oddly, this release features the same cover art as the upcoming box, not due for