Listen To The Band: Rhino Boxes Micky, Mike and Davy’s “The Monkees Present”

Listen to the band! The Monkees’ eighth album, The Monkees Present, was a grab bag unlike any other previously produced by the group.  By October 1969, The Monkees was off the air and remaining Monkees Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith were soldiering on for their second album without Peter Tork.  February’s Instant Replay, the first sans Tork, had managed a respectable showing at No. 32 on the pop chart, but in the post-Head days, hit singles were far from guaranteed for the group. 

Aw, Rats: La-La Land Preps Score to “Willard” Remake Plus Goldsmith Reissue

From four-legged critters to gun-blazing Westerns, La-La Land's release slate this week features some great, little heard soundtrack material coming out of the vaults. Outside of horror circles, the 1971 film Willard - about a misfit with an affinity for rats - is best known for its 1972 sequel, Ben, which featured an oddly sweet, wildly successful theme song sung by Michael Jackson (his first solo No. 1 hit). The films themselves were considerably less cuddly, a point driven home by a 2003

Ain’t No Cure: Blue Cheer “Rocks Europe” On New 2-CD Set

Between 1967 and 2009, San Francisco’s Blue Cheer spread its metallic gospel of hard riffs and heavy psychedelia around the world.  Though the band only had two Hot 100 singles (No. 14 “Summertime Blues” and No. 92 “Just a Little Bit,” both in 1968), its influence was mighty in the evolution of the metal genre.  The band called it a day for the final time, though, in 2009, following the death of original member Dickie Peterson.  On the band’s website, Andrew “Duck” MacDonald wrote, “Blue Cheer