Obligatory a-ha Post (Plus One for The Cure)

The a-ha deluxe editions are out exclusively on Rhino’s Web site. Do it now!

Okay, now that that’s cleared up, another brief Rhino tidbit of ’80s goodness. In a sign that The Cure’s Disintegration is finally coming out in its deluxe, three-disc form (on June 3), Rhino’s offering a special collectible to the first 500 pre-orders – a nine-track promo disc of choice cuts from the new set entitled 3x3x3. Cure fans are not going to want to pass this one up, so head here and get ’em while they’re hot.


  1. Don says

    I don’t want to slam Rhino, because I appreciate the fact that they are putting out both the a-ha and Cure sets, all of which I’m planning to buy.

    However, Rhino.com is not the way to go. I can order both a-ha sets from amazon.uk and get them for much cheaper, including shipping, than Rhino, even when you factor in the $5 discount.

    Same with the Cure. The EU import (which is on Universal, not Rhino) is about $10 cheaper even with overseas shipping factored in.

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