A Year-Old Reissue That Mayer May Not Be of Interest

I sort of hesitate mentioning this on The Second Disc, but it does count as a reissue, even if it’s an obvious grab for holiday shoppers: Columbia is releasing an expanded edition of singer-songwriter John Mayer’s latest album, last year’s Battle Studies.

Depending on who you ask, Mayer is known as an engaging musician with guitar chops reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan, or he’s a womanizing jerk who can be too smart or too verbose for his own good. (To this longtime fan, who has caught the man in concert some seven or eight times, he definitely looked more like the latter after that horrid Playboy interview earlier this year.) Battle Studies may not be his best work – particularly in the shadow of his previous LP, the excellent Continuum (2006) – but if this is what’s going to get Mayer the attention he deserves for his onstage presence instead of offstage antics, so be it.

The set, due October 5, packs the original album in with a bonus DVD of Mayer’s performance on VH-1 Storytellers and some solo acoustic performances from earlier in the year. Pre-order it here and check out the listings after the jump.

John Mayer, Battle Studies: CD/DVD Expanded Edition (Columbia, 2010)

CD: Original album (released as Columbia 88697 53087 2, 2009)

  1. Heartbreak Warfare – 4:30
  2. All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye – 4:35
  3. Half of My Heart (with Taylor Swift) – 4:10
  4. Who Says – 2:56
  5. Perfectly Lonely – 4:28
  6. Assassin – 5:14
  7. Crossroads – 2:29
  8. War of My Life – 4:15
  9. Edge of Desire – 5:32
  10. Do You Know Me – 2:30
  11. Friends, Lovers or Nothing – 5:59

DVD: Live content

VH-1 Storytellers (premiered January 28, 2010)

  1. No Such Thing
  2. Daughters
  3. Heartbreak Warfare
  4. Your Body Is a Wonderland
  5. Who Says
  6. Waiting on the World to Change

A Trip to Japan Alone (recorded May 2010)

  1. Half of My Heart
  2. Who Says


  1. Jeff says

    They are reissuing Ozzys’ latest as well, with additional unreleased material and a few live songs as well…..

  2. says

    I’ve been wondering when this was going to come around. I’m surprised they didn’t include his acoustic version of “Edge Of Desire” that he gave away for free (mp3) not long after the album was released on his website. It’s a much better version of the song.

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