And Here’s To You, Art Garfunkel: “The Singer” Anthology Coming From Legacy

UPDATE (2/21): A representative from Legacy has confirmed that this title is currently “on hold.” Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

When the singer’s gone, let the song go on…

How lucky we are that Arthur Garfunkel is still very much with us. Jimmy Webb wrote those words for the unlikely rock star, a former architecture student endowed with a purity of tone and the ability to pierce the heart. Garfunkel, of course, was the yin to Paul Simon’s yang, the Tom to his Jerry. And so, he once again bookends his old friend with a new anthology coming from Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings. Art Garfunkel: The Singer serves as a welcome companion to the recently-released Paul Simon: Songwriter.

Set for release on April 10 from Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings, Art Garfunkel’s The Singer is the first ever 2-CD career-spanning anthology for Garfunkel. Its forty tracks have been personally selected by the artist, beginning with 1964’s Simon and Garfunkel debut Wednesday Morning, 3 AM and going right up to his most recent studio set, 2007’s Some Enchanted Evening. Twelve original studio tracks from the legendary duo have been chosen for inclusion, as well as three live tracks and two “reunion” cuts: the hit singles “My Little Town” and “What a Wonderful World,” on which Garfunkel was joined not only by Simon but by James Taylor. Like the Paul Simon collection, this isn’t a standard “greatest hits” but rather a chronicle of the artist’s personal journey in music.

The Forest Hills-born Garfunkel, who turned 70 on November 5, met his future partner Paul Simon in the halls of P.S. 164 in the sixth grade, with both young men cast in a school production of Alice in Wonderland. They soon bonded over a mutual love of music, with Garfunkel citing Nat “King” Cole as just one early influence. (Garfunkel would come full circle, recording an entire album of American standards in 2007.) Beginning in 1956, Simon and Garfunkel locally performed as “Tom and Jerry,” modeling themselves on the Everly Brothers, with whom they would later collaborate. Though he and Simon briefly split in the early 1960s, with Garfunkel pursuing his continuing education at New York’s Columbia University, they reunited for Wednesday Morning 3 AM, a low-key collection of folk songs, including a number of originals penned by the precociously talented Simon. It was lost in the shuffle of the British Invasion, however, and Simon retreated to England while Garfunkel resumed his studies. When Columbia Records decided to reissue Wednesday Morning’s “The Sound of Silence” with electric overdubs in September 1965, Simon and Garfunkel were presented with ample reason to reform: the song was climbing its way to No. 1, hitting that coveted spot on New Year’s Day, 1966. Their second album, Sounds of Silence, was recorded in December 1965 during that heady time when “Silence” was making waves in the music industry. The rest is history.

Hit the jump to explore The Singer, plus a pre-order link and full track listing with album discography!

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel called it quits following the release of 1970’s epochal Bridge Over Troubled Water, but Garfunkel (always a renaissance man) had already begun a second career as an actor, receiving a Golden Globe nomination for his work in Mike Nichols’ 1971 film Carnal Knowledge. Nichols, of course, had directed The Graduate, featuring Simon and Garfunkel’s evocative score. Garfunkel returned to Columbia Records in 1973 for his solo debut, Angel Clare. It included two songs from the pen of Jimmy Webb, who would become a close ally to Garfunkel, and one of them, “All I Know,” became Garfunkel’s first solo hit. The album peaked at No. 5, and also featured compositions by such luminaries as Randy Newman, Van Morrison, and the team of Paul Williams and Roger Nichols. Rather than the orchestrated original version of “All I Know” (featuring “Bridge Over Troubled Water”-styled piano from that recording’s Larry Knechtel), Garfunkel has opted to include the song in a later rendition recorded with Jimmy Webb from 1993’s Up ‘Til Now. Webb is also represented on the new anthology with “Scissors Cut” and “In Cars” from Scissors Cut (1981) and a duet with Amy Grant, “The Decree,” from Webb’s cantata The Animals’ Christmas (1986).

Eight of Garfunkel’s solo albums between 1973 and 1993, all recorded on the Columbia label, have been tapped for The Singer. (1997’s intimate Songs From a Parent to a Child is the only overlooked solo LP.) Every No. 1 hit from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is featured, including three Adult Contemporary No. 1s all from the 1975 album Breakaway: the title track, a revival of the standard “I Only Have Eyes For You” and the darkly-tinged Simon and Garfunkel duet “My Little Town.” Garfunkel’s gift of interpretation served him well, allowing him to tackle the works of many respected composers. On The Singer, you’ll hear songs written by Bruce Johnston (“Disney Girls,” introduced on The Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up), Carole King and Howard Greenfield (“Crying In The Rain” (with James Taylor joining Garfunkel in this Everly Brothers homage), Antonio Carlos Jobim (“Waters of March”) and Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael (“Two Sleepy People”). After having contributed to the arrangements of many traditional songs both with Paul Simon and as a solo artist, Garfunkel began songwriting himself. “The Thread” and “Perfect Moment” are both co-written by Garfunkel, included from 2002’s Everything Waits to Be Noticed.

Art Garfunkel: The Singer celebrates but one central aspect of this performer, writer, actor and poet. It arrives in stores on April 10, and you can pre-order below. Listening to its forty songs, it’s clear that, at least for a couple of hours, what a wonderful world this will be.

Art Garfunkel, The Singer (Columbia/Legacy 88691 95801 2, 2012)

CD 1

  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
  2. All I Know (with Jimmy Webb)
  3. Perfect Moment (with Buddy Mondlock and Maia Sharp)
  4. Scarborough Fair/Canticle (Simon and Garfunkel)
  5. Cryin’ in the Rain (with James Taylor)
  6. I Only Have Eyes For You (with Nicky Hopkins)
  7. The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel)
  8. Cecilia (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
  9. 99 Miles From LA
  10. Wednesday Morning 3 AM (Simon and Garfunkel)
  11. (What A) Wonderful World (with James Taylor and Paul Simon)
  12. Bright Eyes
  13. Two Sleepy People
  14. Skywriter
  15. My Little Town (Simon and Garfunkel)
  16. For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her (Simon and Garfunkel)
  17. Some Enchanted Evening
  18. Disney Girls (with Bruce Johnston and Toni Tennille)
  19. The Thread (with Maia Sharp and Buddy Mondlock)
  20. Barbara Allen

CD 2

  1. Kathy’s Song (Simon and Garfunkel)
  2. Scissors Cut
  3. The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
  4. Breakaway (with Graham Nash and David Crosby)
  5. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (Simon and Garfunkel)
  6. Waters of March (with Billy Payne)
  7. Old Friends/Bookends (Simon and Garfunkel)
  8. The Decree (with Amy Grant)
  9. A Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon and Garfunkel)
  10. El Condor Pasa (Simon and Garfunkel)
  11. I Wonder Why (with Kenny Rankin)
  12. The Promise (with Steve Gadd)
  13. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face
  14. When A Man Loves A Woman (with Michael Brecker)
  15. O Come All Ye Faithful (with Eric Weissberg)
  16. April Come She Will (Simon and Garfunkel)
  17. Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel)
  18. A Heart in New York (with Michael Brecker)
  19. Song for the Asking (Simon and Garfunkel)
  20. In Cars

CD 1, Tracks 1 & 7-8 and CD 2, Tracks 5 & 10 from Bridge Over Troubled Water (Columbia, 1970)
CD 1, Tracks 2, 5 & 13-14 from Up ‘Til Now (Columbia, 1993)
CD 1, Tracks 3 & 19 from Everything Waits to Be Noticed (Blue Note/Manhattan, 2002)
CD 1, Track 4 from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme (Columbia, 1966)
CD 1, Tracks 6, 9, 15 & 18 and CD 2, Tracks 4 & 6 from Breakaway (Columbia, 1975)
CD 1, Track 10 from Live From New York City: 1967 (Columbia/Legacy, 2002)
CD 1, Track 11 from Watermark (Columbia, 1978)
CD 1, Track 12 from Fate for Breakfast (Columbia U.K., 1979)
CD 1, Track 16 from Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits (Columbia, 1972)
CD 1, Track 17 & CD 2, Track 13 from Some Enchanted Evening (Atco, 2007)
CD 1, Track 20 from Angel Clare (Columbia, 1973)
CD 2, Track 1 from Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends: Live on Stage 2004 (Columbia, 2004)
CD 2, Tracks 2, 18 & 20 from Scissors Cut (Columbia, 1981)
CD 2, Track 3 from Wednesday Morning 3 AM (Columbia, 1964)
CD 2, Tracks 7, 9 & 17 from Bookends (Columbia, 1968)
CD 2, Track 8 from The Animals’ Christmas (Columbia, 1986)
CD 2, Tracks 11-12 & 14 from Lefty (Columbia, 1988)
CD 2, Track 15 from Acoustic Christmas (Columbia, 1990)
CD 2, Track 16 from Sounds of Silence (Columbia, 1965)
CD 2, Track 19 from Simon & Garfunkel – Live 1969 (Columbia/Legacy, 2008)


  1. says

    OMG Why did they leave off the 1972 single “Second Avenue” ???? (written by Tim Moore). That track has never been remastered as far as I can tell, and only reissued on the 1990 lame hits collection “Garfunkel”

    • says

      Agreed, I wouldn’t buy it without “Second Avenue”. This comp is missing many key tracks and it has too many obscure ones on it. I’ll pass.

  2. Kenny says

    Many important cuts left off including hits and key non-hits. Where’s Traveling Boy?
    This is not to be mistaken for a hits collection.

  3. Barry Gutman says

    With all due respect to Art Garfunkel, who certainly deserves acclaim as a solo artist, this anthology omits too much of his great “Breakaway”, “Watermark” and “Sciissors Cut” albums — properly remastered editions of those would be much more greatly appreciated! So I will probably pass on this collection and hope it serves as a gateway for those reissues. I do think “Everything Waits to be Noticed” is one of the great, underrated albums of the past decade. Hope you’re well, Artie!

  4. Rob says

    Aside from Second Avenue (which is a fantastic song) what about “Fingerpaint”, the song cut from all but the first pressings of “Watermark”

  5. Zubb says

    I agree. There is too much missing here, for example, “I Shall Sing” and “Feuilles-Oh/Do Space Men Pass Dead Souls on Their Way to the Moon?” This should have been a strictly Art Garfunkel anthology and left out the S&G tracks. We have those already on other collections. This is a mis-fire from Legacy.

  6. Barry Gutman says

    “And I Know” from “Fate from Breakfast” (another great album deserving of a remastered reissue) also foolishly excluded. Again, if Legacy (or Sundazed) isn’t gonna reissue Art’s great early solo albums in remastered form, the least the compilers (including Art himself) should have done was focused exclusively on his highly underrated solo career. How many more times are we expected to buy S&G trax? This is not the way to go!

  7. Victor Dang says

    How lucky we are that Arthur Garfunkel is still very much with us.

    I imagined you saying that through gritted teeth. 😀 Just kidding. 😛

    But I agree with everyone else here. This compilation seems to skip out on a lot of essential stuff and leans quite heavily on the Simon & Garfunkel stuff. Not really a good choice if you want to give a good representation of your career (but not come off as a leech of sorts?). :S

    In the end, though, it’s up to the artist’s choice here, much like it was for Laura Nyro and the Stoned Soul Picnic compilation (considered definitive as to have the track listing reused for The Essential Laura Nyro anthology), and if this is what Art wants, then we gotta respect that.

    The one thing I DO hope here is that this anthology serves as a beginning for Sony to start a remastering campaign for his albums. Watermark could use quite an upgrade.

  8. Tony says

    Have to agree with what most of you have said–I hope to see loving, expanded remasters, particularly for BREAKAWAY. This set is nice, but it does smack of soaking the fans a bit. Having said that, I’ll probably buy it!

  9. Mark Bumgardner says

    For my money, the best Garfunkel compilation is “The Art Garfunkel Album” that came out in the early days of CDs. I don’t think it was ever released in the USA. My copy came from Germany, and I believe it was released in Asia as well. 14 tracks and all of them excellent. Too bad they couldn’t just remaster this instead of retooling 16 S&G songs and calling it a Garfunkel comp. Opportunity missed.

  10. Zubb says

    Interesting that the title is on hold. It would be nice if Legacy and Mr. Garfunkel would read the posts here before they set another date for the release.

  11. Robert says

    Sadly, this is not the first time a new Garfunkel compilation was announced, only to then be put “on hold.” The last one I remember disappeared into oblivion. The Garfunkel catalog has never been treated with appropriate care. The Playlist title from last year is just o.k. Wish someone would license it or Sony would get its act together.

  12. Set Free says

    I too could quibble with the track selections. Certainly I love all of the titles listed but I could pick others that I’d rather see instead of some of the ones chosen.
    “And I Know”
    “Second Avenue”(full length please)
    “If I Loved You”
    “I Remember You”
    “Traveling Boy”‘
    “In A Little While”
    “Sail On A Rainbow”
    ” Looking For The Right One”
    “Rag Doll”
    “The Dangling Conversation”
    “Dream Alone”
    “Sometimes When I’m Dreaming” (and other not released in the USA tracks along with any previously unreleased tracks)
    “Same Old Tears On A New Background”
    and many others are missed, but this a beautiful collection. I like the combination of S&G and solo tunes together on one anthology; it has never been done before. Just release it!
    Set Free

  13. Jimmy says

    Albums “Angel Clare”, “Breakaway”, “Watermark”, “Scissors Cut” and “Lefty” are being are being released in Japan in September 2012 with remastering and in Blu Spec format. Doesn’t look like any additional bonus tracks. Think I will certainly be ordering one or two of those!

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