Edsel Adds Bob Mould Three-Fer to Sugar Reissue Slate

If the news of Edsel’s expanded reissues of the Sugar discography wasn’t enough to get your power-pop-loving heart aflutter, there’s more Bob Mould from where that came from. The label is releasing, on the same day, a bonus-laden set that combines three of Mould’s post-Sugar albums.

When Sugar split up in 1995, Mould – known equally well as one-third of power-pop legends Hüsker Dü – got to work on his next musical project, a self-titled album on which he played all the instruments. A rougher-hewn album than Sugar’s output in terms of production, Bob Mould (sometimes known as “the hubcap album” for its cover art) is no less melodic than the others. (Trivia buffs take note: an outtake from this period called “Dog on Fire” was later recorded by They Might Be Giants and has long served as the theme to Comedy Central’s popular The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.)

For 1998’s The Last Dog and Pony Show, Mould returned to play nearly every instrument (Matt Hannon handled drums, while cellist Alison Chesley contributed to a few tracks) and would bring to the table songs in the similar vein as his previous works, with a few teases toward electronica, a genre Mould would explore more on subsequent album. The similarities to the past were there for a reason, though; Mould announced before the release of the album that it would be among the last of its kind by him (hence the title), and vowed that the ensuing tour would be his last with a full band. (He kept that promise through 2005.)

The three-disc compilation of these albums also includes five B-sides, including two live tracks, appended to Bob Mould as well as a bonus disc of a live show from Mould’s 1998 tour recorded in London. (Mould’s label Granary Music first released the disc in 2002.)

The newly-remastered set features 32 pages of liner notes featuring rare photos and a new interview with Mould conducted by Keith Cameron of MOJO. It will be released in the U.K. on June 18, following the three weeks in which Edsel will release the expanded Sugar albums.

Check out the full track details after the jump.

Bob Mould, Bob Mould + The Last Dog and Pony Show: Deluxe Edition (Edsel EDSX3013 (U.K.), 2012)

Disc 1: Bob Mould (released as Rykodisc RCD 10342, 1996) and B-sides

  1. Anymore Time Between
  2. I Hate Alternative Rock
  3. Fort Knox, King Solomon
  4. Next Time That You Leave
  5. Egøverride
  6. Thumbtack
  7. Hair Stew
  8. Deep Karma Canyon
  9. Art Crisis
  10. Roll Over and Die
  11. Wanted Was (B-side to “Egøverride” – Rykodisc RCD5-1050, 1996)
  12. Eternally Fried (B-side to “Egøverride” – Rykodisc RCD5-1050, 1996)
  13. Doubleface (B-side to “Egøverride” – Rykodisc RCD5-1050, 1996)
  14. Fort Knox, King Solomon (Live @ First Avenue, Minneapolis – March 1995) (B-side to “Fort Knox, King Solomon” promo single – Rykodisc VRCD 3342, 1996)
  15. I Hate Alternative Rock (Live @ First Avenue, Minneapolis – March 1995) (B-side to “Fort Knox, King Solomon” promo single – Rykodisc VRCD 3342, 1996)

Disc 2: The Last Dog and Pony Show (released as Rykodisc RCD 10443, 1998)

  1. New #1
  2. Moving Trucks
  3. Taking Everything
  4. First Drag of the Day
  5. Classifieds
  6. Who Was Around?
  7. Skintrade
  8. Vaporub
  9. Sweet Serene
  10. Megamanic
  11. Reflecting Pool
  12. Along the Way

Disc 3: BobMouldBand, LiveDog98: The Forum, London, UK (originally released as Granary Music GMCD 2023, 2002)

  1. Moving Trucks
  2. Taking Everything
  3. First Drag of the Day
  4. I Hate Alternative Rock
  5. Stand Guard
  6. Classifieds
  7. Hear Me Calling
  8. Art Crisis
  9. Anymore Time Between
  10. Skintrade
  11. Eternally Fried
  12. Roll Over and Die
  13. Lonely Afternoon
  14. Egøverride
  15. Reflecting Pool
  16. Disappointed
  17. Hanging Tree
  18. Man on the Moon

All tracks on Disc 3 recorded live at the Forum, London – 10/29/1998


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