All Things Come to Pass

A quick nugget for you audiophiles, collector’s and vinyl-heads out there: George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is being reissued on vinyl to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

It’s going to be a straight new remaster of the original, triple-disc set, which featured hits like “My Sweet Lord” and “What is Life.” (A 2001 CD remaster featured some extra vault material with new input from Harrison.) The domestic version, sold at all Record Store Day-participating indie shops, will be a numbered box set with the original artwork replicated in a lift top box. (An international version will feature the same content without limited numbering.) George Harrison’s official Web site will also sell a high-quality download version.

The whole thing will be available on November 26. Read the press release and track list after the jump.


Hollywood, California – October 18, 2010 – On Friday, November 26, George Harrison’s magnificent 1970 solo debut, All Things Must Pass, will be released in a limited edition, numbered 180-gram vinyl set in its original 3LP configuration, with faithfully replicated original monochromic album art, poster and lift-top box packaging. Newly remastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original analogue master tapes, the deluxe vinyl reissue commemorates the landmark album’s 40th anniversary and will be available exclusively at Record Store Day-participating independent music retailers across the U.S.

All Things Must Pass will also be available internationally as a non-numbered limited edition 3LP boxed set.

On the same date, the album will be available for download purchase in audiophile quality digital format (96Khz/24 bit) exclusively at

“George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass was a milestone release in 1970 and it ranks with record store owners as one of the best albums ever released,” said Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day. “The organizers of Record Store Day could not be more thrilled to support the restored reissue 40 years later – almost to the exact day – of this majestic album.”

Originally released November 27, 1970, All Things Must Pass is widely considered to be one of George Harrison’s finest albums. Co-produced by Harrison and Phil Spector, the album topped Billboard’s Top 200 chart for seven weeks and includes the international #1 smash single “My Sweet Lord” and its b-side “Isn’t It a Pity,” and the Top 10 hit “What Is Life.”

All Things Must Pass features a broad spectrum of all-star guest musicians, including Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and Billy Preston, among others. A third LP, a collection of five informal live studio recordings Harrison titled ‘Apple Jam,’ was added to the double album’s original package and is also included in the new 40th Anniversary Edition.

George Harrison, All Things Must Pass: 40th Aniversary Edition (Apple/EMI, 2010 – originally released as Apple STCH 639, 1970)

Disc 1

Side One

  1. I’d Have You Anytime
  2. My Sweet Lord
  3. Wah-Wah
  4. Isn’t It a Pity (Version 1)

Side Two

  1. What is Life
  2. If Not For You
  3. Behind That Locked Door
  4. Let It Down
  5. Run of the Mill
Disc 2

Side One

  1. Beware of Darkness
  2. Apple Scruffs
  3. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
  4. Awaiting on You All
  5. All Things Must Pass

Side Two

  1. I Dig Love
  2. Art of Dying
  3. Isn’t It a Pity (Version 2)
  4. Hear Me Lord
Disc 3: “Apple Jam”
Side One
  1. Out of the Blue
  2. It’s Johnny’s Birthday
  3. Plug Me In

Side Two

  1. I Remember Jeep
  2. Thanks for the Pepperoni


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