Coming Tomorrow: Now That’s What We Call Now Sounds!

If you’ve been enjoying Joe Marchese’s very stellar contributions to The Second Disc (and who hasn’t, really?) you’re going to want to pull up a chair tomorrow. Joe’s got what promises to be a great interview with Steve Stanley of the Now Sounds label.

The Cherry Red-owned label has got a jam-packed reissue of Paul Williams’ Someday Man (1970) due out this week, and they’ve had a lot of killer product this year, including the great compilation Book a Trip: The Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records.

Expect a great interview with a great producer in time for tomorrow’s lunch, only on The Second Disc!


  1. Tom says

    I welcome ANYTHING from The Second Disc. I think it’s a fantastic site, and I read it every day, including weekends even though I know you don’t regularly update on Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for the great work and I look forward to more updates.

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