It’s Going To Be A “Purple” Summer: Prince, Warner Bros. Strike Agreement For Upcoming Reissues

Purple Rain PrinceSince The Second Disc’s founding in 2010, fans of the artist once and currently known as Prince have had to content themselves with catalogue news from various corners of The Purple One’s universe, as reissues of Prince’s own music as a solo artist remained the most distant of possibilities.  Over these past four-plus years, we’ve seen the deluxe treatment afforded titles by Andre Cymone, Wendy and Lisa, even The Lewis Connection.  And now, at long last, we can confirm that a remastered catalogue campaign isn’t a distant possibility any longer: it’s coming,

This morning, Warner Bros. Records – long embroiled in a contentious relationship with the artist – announced that it had come to terms with Prince and entered into a global licensing partnership.  Though complete details have yet to be revealed, the agreement grants the singer ownership of his master recordings, and allows Warner Music Group to digitally remaster and reissue Prince’s albums from 1978 through the 1990s.  (Prince’s final album for the label was 1996’s Chaos and Disorder.  He then marked his freedom from the Warner empire with his next release that year, Emancipation.   That album launched a new label, NPG.)  The press release added that “long-awaited, previously unheard music” would be on the way.

This a particularly well-timed announcement, of course, as the recent New Girl guest star will mark the 30th anniversary of his watershed release Purple Rain on June 25.  This morning’s press release confirmed that the 13-times platinum Purple Rain would be the first album to get the reissue treatment. Prince also indicated that a new studio album is, indeed, “on the way.”  The artist commented in his own unique manner, “Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful relationship.”

While there aren’t any further details to share as of this writing, watch this space for more Prince news as it becomes available!  The Revolution is coming!


  1. J Richey says

    This is great news! Unfortunately for Prince and Warners, they would have stood to make a lot more money had they been able to come to terms 15 or even 10 years ago…. FWIW there is a series of fan-made “Homemade Deluxe Editions” of his WB albums that are extraordinary–although sourced (inevitably) from vinyl and CD pressings rather than original tapes, they include pretty much everything you could hope for: contemporaneous singles and B-sides, outtakes, alternate versions of albums, 12″ and other (re)mixes, etc. The “Sign o the Times” edition runs to seven discs! If this official reissue program can even approach the exhaustiveness of that (bootleg) series, it will be a triumph.

    • Bill Janowski says

      But that’s the thing – just how much extra material will he actually allow on these reissues?? And will they be at an affordable price?? Hopefully they’ll be available as PHYSICAL CD’s and Vinyl, not just downloads.

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