Welcome to our latest installment of Greater Hits, where we scour an artist's discography for compilations and pick the best one for your buck. Today focuses on Aretha Franklin's fascinating third chapter on Arista Records and the multitude of compilations that it's yielded. Just as I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, Aretha Franklin's sizzling 1967 album and first for Atlantic Records, was a shock to anyone who'd known her from her days singing solid if not transcendent soul on Columbia in

In one of our newest features, Greater Hits, we pit two greatest hits compilations by the same artist against each other and see which one comes out on top. Today's installment: we take one of Canada's most successful alt-rock bands, compare their compilations and figure out which one's most worth your time, whether you have $1,000,000 or not. It's been just more than one week since the Barenaked Ladies' Hits from Yesterday & The Day Before (Raisin' Records/Warner Bros./Rhino R2 528614)

Our first installment of Greater Hits was a rousing success, and the big musical celebration of the day prompts our next installment of the series. Bob Dylan, 70 years old today, has been rhapsodized about all over the Internet. Rolling Stone made him the focus of their newest issue, while other publications have counted down the Bard's best work (I'm of course partial to Popdose's write-up). And PopMarket, Sony's beloved clearinghouse for box set deals, is offering the three-disc Dylan set from

The Second Disc has always meant to be a source of decently-reported news and discussion on the goings-on of the music catalogue world, as well as a resource to the new fan on what catalogue product is out there. With that in mind, today introduces a new feature that looks at one of the most common catalogue items: the greatest hits collection. It's perhaps been outmoded by the ability to pick and choose tracks to download online, but when you're a new fan of an artist, the compilation is